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The group’s derivative, equity and prime services entities are housed within Peregrine Securities.

The business provides execution and trading products to local and foreign hedge funds, investment banks, institutional fund managers, multi-managers, asset consultants and life assurers, as well as high net worth individuals.

Within Peregrine Securities, its subsidiary Peregrine Equities operates as one of the country’s largest stock broking operations, and houses within the prime services hub a large number of South African hedge funds.

Another subsidiary, Peregrine Derivatives, is one of the country’s leading derivative brokerages, both in terms of volumes transacted and research. To augment the price sourcing function of Peregrine Derivatives, the Structuring and Consulting team provides consultancy services in derivative and financial structuring.

Peregrine Securities, through its equities and derivatives subsidiaries, is a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)* with access to the following product markets:

  • Equities
  • Equity derivatives
  • Bonds
  • Currencies
  • Commodity derivatives

*Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Top 20 largest equities exchanges (market capitalisation) and ranked 1st globally for regulation of its securities exchange.

Our broking execution capabilities extend to Africa and the international markets. With respect to the JSE, the focus is on high volume and robust electronic connectivity.

Peregrine Equities is ranked within the top 10 JSE equity brokers by volume and deals processed (JSE Stats) which is testament to an operation that is geared to cater for high frequency trading supported by world-class technology and connectivity.

The prime services division of Peregrine Securities oversees over 12 billion ZAR of client hedge fund assets on an in-house fully integrated, multi-currency, multi-asset class prime broking platform. The unit has a proven ability to innovate and respond to the increasing demands of sophisticated clients in a fast-paced market environment.

Peregrine Derivatives has been rated the top derivative execution house in South Africa for a number of years (Risk Magazine 2009-2011) and been consistently rated for top derivative research and execution in  the SA Financial Mail rankings (1st Derivative dealing 2011)  Peregrine Derivatives is the largest independent broker on the SA futures exchange by volume traded (JSE stats).

The Structuring and Consulting team provides innovative derivative solutions to a broad base of wholesale clients. The focus is to use specialised derivative and actuarial knowledge to enable clients to best match their asset exposure with their stated investment objectives and liability profile, and then design a customised solution to meet these requirements.

Peregrine Securities Research focuses on developing practical solutions for clients through innovative research. The research team prides itself on delivering understandable and robust answers on an ad hoc basis to bespoke problems including, but not limited to:

  • Derivative solutions
  • Portfolio construction tools
  • Quantitative analysis and
  • Risk management solutions

Leveraging our position as one of the most experienced domestic service providers in these specialist fields, the Peregrine Securities team affords clients seamless access and insight into the South African trading environment. With specific experience in the trading intricacies affecting hedge funds and active traders the client is able to leverage the benefit of established relationships with all major industry participants, including administrators, financial institutions, regulators and investors.

For further information please contact us via or +27 11 722 7500

Please send an email to if you require a copy of the Conflict of Interest Management Policy.