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The best financial results in the company’s history
Highest ordinary dividend paid
Peregrine reaches 20 years since inception
Citadel acquires 100% of Consolidated Financial Planning
Launch of BayHill Capital, a private client share portfolio business
Increase in Shareholding in Stenham Limited to 88.2%
Peregrine Capital assets increase by more than 50%
Assets under management: Gross R116 billion*
Number of employees: 743*


Stenham Property sale into dual listed Stenprop vehicle
Acquisition of 50% stake in Java Capital
Assets under management: Gross R91 billion*
Number of employees: 672*


Citadel celebrates reaching its 20 year operating anniversary  
Acquisition of a 65% stake in Cannon Asset Managers 
Payment of an ordinary dividend of 100 cents, up 39%
Citadel increases stake in The Wealth Corporation to 100%
Citadel executives acquire a further significant stake in Peregrine 
Assets under management: Gross R96 billion*
Number of employees: 573*


Peregrine reaches 15 years since listing on the JSE limited
Payment of second special dividend
Assets under management: Gross R78,6 billion*
Number of employees 524*


Restructuring of B-BBEE Shareholding.
Refined Group Strategy and structure.
Payment of first special dividend
Assets under management: Gross R72,8 billion & Effective R48,8 billion*
Number of employees 558*


Nala founded (Peregrine's B-BBEE partner)
Beauclerc Limited established.
ApexHi Uk Limited established.
49,9% stake acquired in SA Alpha Capital Management Limited (Cayman Islands based asset manager).
Assets under management: Gross: R81,6 billion and Effective R51,6 billion*
Number of employees: 565*


50% of Green Oak Capital acquired.
35% of equity in Peregrine Securities sold to management.
Assets under management: Gross R77,0 billion and Effective R48,7 billion*
Number of employees: 579*


Stenham controlling interest acquired.
Assets under management: Gross R43,4 billion and Effective of R31,5 billion*
Number of employees: 418*

2006   Caveo Fund Solutions founded through a joint venture with Investment Solutions.
B-BBEE transaction implemented.
Assets under management: Gross R23,0 billion and Effective R19,4 billion*
Number of employees: 353*
2002   Peregrine Incubator/PIM founded
(renamed Peregrine Fund Platform).
Citadel becomes wholly-owned subsidiary.
Assets under management: Gross R3,3 billion and Effective R3,2 billion*

Mercury Consolidated Holdings
acquired by Peregrine Securities.

Citadel shareholding increased to control.
Number of employees: 159*


Peregrine Holdings lists on JSE.
Peregrine Capital founded.

Number of employees: 30*

1997   Peregrine Equities founded.
Initial 7% of Citadle acquired, with option
to increase stake up to 20%.
Peregrine founded.


*As at year-end (31 March) of the relevant year