We’re owner-managed,
entrepreneurial and innovative

At Peregrine we focus on what we do best – we interact with financial markets and people. We invest our clients’ capital, facilitate investments and provide best of breed advice. We build strong, talented, hard-working teams. We appreciate that our Group and teams prosper when our clients prosper. We share in the profits of growing companies in the Group, and we continually add to them.

The Peregrine Group continues to build on its strategy of delivering high quality diversified earnings.


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Peregrine Capital Takes Stock of Proven Record and Looks to the Future

David Fraser and Jacques Conradie talk about their business philosophy and how it has served the firm over its 20 years in the hedge fund industry.

Ringing the Changes

A year after taking over from Jonathan Hertz, CEO Rob Katz has substantially changed the shape of the Peregrine Group. If the competition authorities don't object he will sell the group's 65% interest in Peregrine Securities to a consortium of Securities management and black empowerment companies.

Peregrine's Star Citadel Becomes a Wealth Fortress

Specialist financial services group Peregrine Holdings yesterday singled out its Citadel subsidiary as the star performer with a 19 percent increase in headline earnings for the year to end March.