Our Business

Committed to operating a sustainable business

As well as delivering sound business growth for its shareholders, Peregrine also enhances and safeguards its people, surrounding communities and the environment.

Our vision, strategic objectives and values are closely integrated in all policies, procedures, decision-making processes and operations, with sustainability as the ultimate objective.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Peregrine maintains the highest ethical standards in carrying out its business activities. To enhance this, we introduced a Code of Conduct, setting out overall principles and guidelines to be adopted across the board.

Strict adherence to the provisions of the Code of Conduct is now a condition of employment within Peregrine.

Stakeholder-inclusive approach

As a business that deals in intangibles, the relationships between Peregrine and its respective stakeholders are the threads that give the business form, from the skill sets and expertise of its people, through invaluable collaboration with its partners, to the loyalty of its clients. Stakeholder relationships further provide the gateway to identifying the key influencers of their decision-making, which in turn informs strategy.

The role of all the different stakeholders has long been acknowledged by Peregrine and the Group recognises the need to take account of and respond to the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders, as mandated in the Board Charter.


Peregrine has identified its stakeholders as individuals or groups who potentially affect, or are affected by, the Group and its operations. These include stakeholders with a material influence such as shareholders, providers of capital, investors, business partners, clients, employees, regulatory authorities and, more broadly, the community in which the Group operates, the media and society at large.

Stakeholder Group How do we engage with our stakeholders Why we value our stakeholders What do our stakeholders expect from us
Shareholders / Providers of capital
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Bi-annual investor presentations/road shows
  • Regular one on one interactions
  • Integrated Report, SENS, results announcements posted on website, published in business press and posted to shareholders
  • Engagement with financial media
  • Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer readily available
Provide financial capital to drive growth Sustainable returns underpinned by responsible investing, sound corporate governance and accurate reporting
  • Open door policy
  • Senior executive road shows
  • Internal newsletter
  • Peregrine intranet
  • Annual company climate surveys in certain subsidiaries
  • Family days and Health Days
  • 360° performance reviews in certain subsidiaries
  • Counselling
  • Mentoring and coaching programs
  • Training grants for personal development
  • Group Transformation Forum
Foundation of operations and drivers of growth A stimulating, rewarding and safe work environment that encourages, trains and appropriately incentivises excellence
  • Regular client seminars
  • One on one interactions
  • Client newsletters
  • Conferences
Support the longevity
of the business
Responsible investing coupled
with exceptional, available, and dedicated service that yields consistently superior returns
Regulatory authorities
& Industry bodies
  • Regular review meetings
  • Ongoing written communication
  • Seminars
  • Membership in relevant industry bodies
Provider of various licences to Group companies To behave as an exemplary corporate citizen and participate in relevant industry forums
  • Grant agreements as well as feedback and reporting from Socio Economic Development (SED) partners
  • Continuous communication with SED partners to identify further potential projects
  • Citadel Philanthropy, a vehicle that enables individuals and organisations to manage their philanthropic efforts ensuring that their giving achieves maximum impact
  • Market days as fundraisers to assist in the funding of the staff reach out initiatives
  • Involvement with communities on Mandela Day
The communities from where our employees and clients originate Support, assistance and
upliftment for self-sustainability
  • Ongoing education of employees in respect of B-BBEE principles and practices
  • Enterprise development and procurement practises that are in support of black owned businesses
  • Corporate social investment
  • Carbon Foot Print Assessment in order to reduce and monitor the Group’s enviromental impact
  • Internships in some of the subsidiaries
The society from
which our employees
and clients originate
To contribute positively and
effect change in the broader
society in which we operate