Peregrine Holdings

R109bn in assets under management

Peregrine is a leading financial services Group providing individuals and institutions with investment management solutions in wealth and alternative assets.

Founded in 1996, the Peregrine Group comprises a number of diversified, industry leading, financial services businesses which provide clients, over the medium to long-term, with consistently high levels of risk-adjusted returns regardless of market conditions. In addition, the Group also owns 50% of Java Capital, which is widely regarded as the premier independent corporate advisory house in South Africa. Driven by an owner-managed and entrepreneurial culture, the Group invests on behalf of its clients’, facilitates investments and provide best of breed advice.

The Group focuses predominantly on operating financial services businesses in South Africa and internationally, with an appropriate and sustainable B-BBEE shareholding, directly into its South African businesses, via Peregrine SA Holdings.

Through its various subsidiaries, the Group has expertise in private clients’ wealth management, global funds-of-funds, single manager hedge funds, broking & structuring, trusts services, property investments, corporate finance, as well as foreign exchange and treasury management.

Peregrine’s key business objective is to deliver consistently high levels of risk-adjusted returns to its shareholders over the medium to long-term. This is primarily driven by Peregrine’s resources and personnel, which the Group believes to be of unrivalled expertise.

The Group’s unwavering focus on performance is balanced by an entrepreneurial approach and steadfast commitment to governance, which have together generated a business model that is well respected by partners, peers and clients and is recognised by the financial services industry at large.

The Group is listed on the JSE under the ‘Financial Services’ Sector and as at September 2017 had a market capitalisation of R6.6 billion  and held responsibility for R109 billion in total gross assets under management and or administration/advice.

Peregrine has an international footprint spanning South Africa, the UK and the Channel Islands and it employs over 700 individuals worldwide.

The Peregrine Group is structured into four key business segments: Wealth Management, Asset Management, Broking & Structuring and Advisory.

As at 01 March 2018