Human Capital


Peregrine recognises that the Group’s success and sustainability is enabled by its employees. It is for this reason that the Group seeks out people with extensive knowledge and specialist competencies within the financial services sector; skilled professionals who are able to steer Peregrine into the future.

Corporate knowledge, in-depth insight and exceptional internal relations are obtained through tenure. The average duration of employment within the Group is 7.65 years. Such longstanding relationships, together with acquired competencies, are not only of benefit to the Group but also ensure strong client relations, a key success factor in a, ‘High Touch’ client environment within which the Group operates.

In addition, Peregrine understands the importance of personal development and growth, as it contributes to the wellbeing and retention of employees and further enhances the ability of individuals to function optimally.

Across the Group, 34% of all employees have been in Peregrine’s employ for more than 10 years. This reflects the Group’s ability to retain some of the most skilled personnel in the industry. The contributing factors towards employee tenure include, but are not limited to:

the Group’s owner managed, entrepreneurial and innovative culture;

consistent development of strong, talented and hardworking teams;

the development of an environment conducive to optimal performance and internal relations;

competitive remuneration and incentives;

benefits that appeal to the needs of employees; and

a business model that promotes a culture of ownership that transcends top management.

Long-term employment also supports the development of corporate culture and embeds the Peregrine value system across the organisation.

The exceptional calibre of employees, together with the Group’s ability to retain and attract highly skilled and competent individuals, not only reflects the wealth of Human Capital in the Group but also supports and enables business growth and alignment of vision across the Group.

The deep well of institutional knowledge and know-how contributed by those employees of long tenure is balanced by a staff intake of 36% over the past three years. This enables Peregrine to stay abreast of new concepts and ideas within the financial industry and makes room for future succession planning.

Strategies are implemented, where possible, to attract and retain employees from all generational categories in order to maintain and promote diversity and retain institutional knowledge. The aim is to enhance and build on the strengths associated with each generation and to unlock collaboration, understanding and sharing amongst employees.

Management engages with all employees on a continuous basis to stay up-to-date of any specific needs in order to create a sense of inter-relatedness.

The Group further understands that employees are not one-dimensional and fulfil many roles simultaneously. A holistic approach to employee wellness and life cycles has been implemented with various factors such as flexible working hours, extended maternity leave and working from home having been introduced where possible and applicable.