Letter from the Chairman


Dear Shareholder

Peregrine Holdings Limited – Summarised Consolidated Results and Notice of Annual General Meeting

On behalf of the board of directors of Peregrine, I have pleasure in extending an invitation to you to attend Peregrine’s Annual General Meeting, which will be held on Thursday, 6 September 2018 at 10:00 in the main boardroom, on the fourth floor at 6A Sandown Valley Crescent, Sandown, Sandton.

In accordance with Peregrine’s commitment to sustainability and towards creating a greener environment, the Integrated Report (including the group annual financial statements and the reports of the various committees etc) will not be mailed to all shareholders. Instead a publication containing the summarised consolidated results and the detailed notice of Annual General Meeting (“the booklet”) is being mailed to shareholders. The Integrated Report may be viewed (and downloaded) on the Integrated Report banner on the Company’s website www.peregrine.co.za and a request for copies thereof can be made via the Company’s website, by email to feliciam@peregrine.co.za  or telephonically on +27 11 722 7568.

The notice of meeting, which is set out on pages 26 to 34 of the booklet and which is set out in the “Shareholder Information” section in the Integrated Report, is accompanied by explanatory notes setting out the effects of all proposed resolutions included in the notice as well as a form of proxy. If you are unable to attend, please arrange to vote by proxy in accordance with the instructions on the proxy form.

The Board recognises the importance of its shareholders’ presence at the Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for shareholders to participate in discussions relating to items included in the notice of meeting. In addition, the chairmen of board-appointed committees (or a member thereof) as well as the external auditor and head of internal audit will be present to respond to questions from shareholders.

I look forward to your presence at the meeting.

Yours faithfully

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SA Melnick

31 July 2018