Stakeholder Engagement


The Peregrine businesses operate within highly-regulated financial markets. As such, relationships between the Group and its various stakeholders must be underpinned by trust and a solid industry reputation. By maintaining stakeholder relationships and engagement, Peregrine is able to ensure ongoing feedback and a flow of information which is carefully factored into key decision-making processes and, in turn, informs strategy.

The unique and important role of its stakeholders has long been acknowledged by Peregrine, and the Group recognises the importance of taking account of and responding to the legitimate interests and expectations of all interested parties, as mandated by the Board Charter.

Peregrine has identified its stakeholders as individuals or groups who potentially affect, or are affected by, the Group and its operations. These include shareholders, providers of capital, investors, business partners, clients, employees, regulatory authorities, the media, society at large and, more broadly, the communities in which Peregrine operates.


Stakeholder group

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder value

Stakeholder expectations

Shareholders / Providers of capital

Annual General Meeting

Bi-annual investor presentations and road shows

Regular one-on-one interactions

Integrated Reporting, SENS reporting, results announcements via our website and the business press

Engagement with financial media

Provide financial capital to drive growth

Sustainable solid returns underpinned by responsible investing

Sound corporate governance

Accurate reporting

Human capital

CEO, CFO, and executives have open-door policies

Senior executive road shows

Internal newsletter

Peregrine intranet

Annual company climate surveys in certain subsidiaries

Family and Health Days

360 performance reviews in certain subsidiaries


Mentoring and coaching programmes

Training grants for personal development

Group Employment Equity Forum

Foundation of operations and drivers of growth

A safe work environment

Skills development

Competitive remuneration coupled with performance incentives


Regular client seminars

One-on-one interactions

Client newsletters


Supports the success and longevity of the business

Responsible investing coupled consistent solid returns

Client-centric approach to investments

Superior customer service

Regulatory authorities and industry bodies

Regular review meetings, including reviews of regulatory updates and submissions of regulatory returns

Ongoing written communication


Membership of relevant industry bodies

Providers of various licenses to Group

Regulatory compliance

Participation in relevant industry forums

Communities / Society

Citadel Philanthropy, a vehicle that enables individuals and organisations, including Peregrine, to manage their philanthropic efforts and ensures that their giving has maximum impact

Market days to assist in the funding of the staff Reach Out initiatives

Involvement with community centred projects through the Socio-economic Development Forum

Carbon Foot Print Assessment in order to monitor and implement measures to reduce the Group's environmental impact

Internships in some of the subsidiaries

Ongoing education of employees in respect of B-BBEE principles and practices

Enterprise development and procurement practices that are in support of black-owned businesses.

Community, Educational and Employee Trusts established the beneficiaries of which, will, over time, benefit as shareholders in Peregrine SA Holdings

Good corporate citizenship with the understanding that the community is the source of both the Group's employees and its clients

To make a positive contribution and effect change in the broader society in which the Group operates