Our High Growth fund has delivered more than 100x on initial investment

ZAR1m invested in February 2000 will be worth more than ZAR100m today*. Learn more…

*Past performance isn’t a guarantee of future performance

The High Growth fund has an annualised return rate of 24% since it started. This is a cumulative return of 10 000%. Any investment made in this fund when it started would have grown a 100 times.

23 Years in the green

The Pure Hedge fund has not had a negative return year since it started in 1998.

Pure Hedge offers investment stability and downside protection while growing investors’ purchasing power. This fund is low risk and aims to deliver returns above inflation over the medium term. Learn more…

Our Process

We have been working on our investing process for a long time and will keep evolving it to meet changing market requirements. You can listen to Peregrine Capital CEO, Jacques Conradie give more details about our investment process here: https://youtu.be/EAZmPZpZYDQ

International Diversification

We have created the Global Equity fund to cater to investors who are seeking to diversify their portfolio and invest on a wider range of equities from around the world. Learn more…


We have tried to provide answers to all the most Frequently asked questions relating to investment process and fees.

More information can be found here.

Why invest with Peregrine Capital?


We strongly believe in our investment process. Cumulatively the Peregrine Capital staff is one of the top 5 largest investors in our funds.

This strongly aligns our goals with that of our investors. If the funds do well, we do well.


  • We invest our own money in our funds
  • Peregrine staff is one of the largest investors in our funds
  • Delivering exceptional returns for more than 23 years
  • Being a hedge fund allows us to use additional investment tools to manage risk better
  • Yielding higher performance and more stability
  • We are not afraid of complex situations and gladly put in the effort to find the best investment opportunities