We’re owner-managed,
entrepreneurial and innovative

At Peregrine we focus on what we do best – we interact with financial markets and people. We invest our clients’ capital, facilitate investments and invest our own Group’s capital. We build strong, talented, hard-working teams. We appreciate that our Group and teams prosper when our clients prosper. We share in the profits of growing companies in the Group, and we continually add to them.

The Peregrine Group continues to build on its strategy of delivering high quality diversified earnings.


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Leaner Peregrine set to emerge

Diversified financial services group Peregrine on Thursday reported a 6% growth in headline earnings for the six months to the end September 2017. Headline earnings per share grew to 122 cents, from 118.5 cents in the comparable period last year.

Peregrine Interim Results

Peregrine Interim Results – Fine Business Radio

Underlying Business lifts Peregrine

Newly appointed Peregrine Group CEO Rob Katz joins Alishia Seckam in studio to take her through the Group's interim results, which show an increase of 6% in its headline earning boosted by its underlying businesses.